● Countries Most Worried About the Future (Their Future)

It’s 2019. Sharing this historical marker. In 2012, Fox Business News RE-reported content published by 24/7 Wall St, that the 11 countries listed below were very “pessimistic” about their future. Each country’s “doom and gloom fears” were connected to their economy, except Japan and Syria.

In March 2011, Japan was hit by an earthquake which resulted in the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Syria? Anybody who listens to the news knows this country’s “problems”.

1. Greece
2. Czech Republic
3. Syria
4. Portugal
5. Slovenia
6. Japan
7. Hungary
8. Singapore
9. Cyprus
10. Malta
11. Mauritius

Revisited this 2012 marker in 2015 and a quick glance of the news reported regarding these places did not show that there had not been a dramatic “things are looking up!” change in the course of their daily lives.

Can anyone offer these people any comforting words?

Uuuuhhh …

At least y’all are still on a map!

Think about it! Whole nations and civilizations have been known to vanish! Nobody has ever found Ophir or Atlantis!

Not Atlantis But Close Enough! :)

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