● Cyber Security to Protect Our Digital World

This is a “given”.

  • Technology is constantly changing right before our very eyes and the urgent need for updated cybersecurity protection laws is not knocking at the door. It has flung the door wide open!

Strategy to address the given?

  • America should have more detailed “cyber policy”, effective and enforceable cybersecurity laws, regulations, etc., primarily with the goal of protecting the consumers; although securing official government data is also a must.

The current political buzz (as of May 2015) is for the next President of the United States to be mindful of the digital world we live in and to do something about it to keep US safe and protect our privacy, and make corporations who lose our precious data responsible — rather, more accountable and responsible, since they should have ensured that adequate measures and procedures against such losses were in place. Well! Somebody always has to take the blame for massive screw-ups. They don’t just happen! One can’t call it an “act of God” because God doesn’t screw things up!

Cause and effect.

  • Something caused the data breach. The effect was private citizens are now vulnerable to _________. The hackers can likely fill in the blank.

Identify problem. Recommend solution.

  • One of the proposed solutions? Levying hefty fines and penalties against corporations who collected your data, promised you confidentiality, and then left the information collected for specific purposes {somehow available (??)} for unknown hackers to gain access and exploit for purposes other than the intended use.

Mr. or Ms. Consumer — are you OK with that proposal? Eh! It’s a start.

“The cyber security game plan could tackle any number of topics — data encryption, structural reform of the NSA, the role of Homeland Security. And that’s not even counting lightning-rod issues, like whether the next president’s Supreme Court nominee believes in changing passwords regularly.”

This is where my two cents gets inserted.

It’s fine if the Supreme Court nominee believes in changing passwords regularly. Just don’t try to mandate to me when my password should be changed. The decision to change my password is as individual and unique as the password itself. You don’t tell me when to change the locks to my house door or my mailbox. Don’t try to tell me when to change my password! It’s also MY KEY!!

* *

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Originally published at dailytwocents.com on May 27, 2015.