● Foreign Investors Buying U.S. Real Estate

Recycling an observation made in an article published 2011 at REALTOR® Magazine Online. Though dated more than 5 years ago, no doubt there are foreign investors who still think that the “ greener grass of the USA ” is still as “ green $$$ ” as it ever was.

Top 10 U. S. Cities Foreign Investors Are Targeting

Foreign investors who are buying up our “American Dream” hail from North and South America (Canada, Mexico, Columbia) and Asia (China and India ) and other places around the globe. The states they view as having prime real estate are Arizona , Hawaii , Michigan , Nevada , Florida and California. Florida was the top state. Yeah! Beat out California and Hawaii?? Yes well … Florida has no state tax. Also, by comparison, life on the West coast is way more expensive. It’s a very upsetting trend.

  • What’s could be an even more upsetting trend?

Even more upsetting is that folks from California are buying up real property in Texas. Why not? Texas has no state tax and California’s economy is pitiful.

Of course, if the funds were available to me, I’d be buying island property; specifically in The Bahamas (My Father’s Country). :)

My dream house in The Bahamas would look like this! :)

** Originally published at personapaper.com, May 6, 2015.

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