● Genealogy: Modern Day Arabs and Their Father Abraham

Genealogy has been and always will be a topic of interest to human beings. We are all curious about our beginnings or origins. These days some even pay for expensive DNA tests to see if they can determine their ancestry. Others comb through paper documents, computerized records, etc. and/or combine the findings of the research of historical records with the scientific test results to confirm their lineage. Some people search the scriptures.

We know the Hebrew patriarch Abraham had many sons and that God promised him that his descendants would be innumerable. One of his sons was Ishmael born to him by Hagar, the Egyptian slave, who served as a surrogate mother for Sarah, his wife.

The Ishmaelites were, are, or should be the descendants of Ishmael. For genealogy purposes, this matter seems pretty cut and dry.

But who are the true Ishmaelites?

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Originally published at cmoneyspinner.blogspot.com on May 18, 2014.