● Go Your Own Way: Step by Step

(A feel good / playful / joyful movie recommendation.)

The Preacher’s Wife ” * is a movie which starred the late Whitney Houston (1963–2012) and Denzel Washington.

In a nutshell, the film was charming, silly and sweet. A typical feel-good movie and a remake of an old movie: “The Bishop’s Wife” (1947)

PLOT: An angel came from heaven to earn his “merit points”. The angel Dudley (played by Denzel Washington).

Yeah! I know. No angel Dudley mentioned in the Bible.

Come to think of it? No angel Dudley mentioned anywhere, in any literature, except for this movie! :)

Ms. Houston’s character is married to a preacher. Hence the film’s title. Her marital relationship could use some “outside” or even “heavenly” intervention if it is to be saved.

The movie was OK. Not worth an academy award nomination. But for me, the soundtrack makes the film worth watching. Especially this particular song: Step by Step .

“Step by step. … bit by bit … stone by stone … brick by brick … Don’t give up! …”

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