Open Letter: We Need a Voting Renaissance & Mass Nonviolent Mobilization to Stand Up to Trump’s…

I don’t vote. But I do exercise my freedom of speech from time to time. In the history of Israel, the people insisted on having a king, instead of a peace loving wise prophet who counseled them. Their God gave them a king and several monarchs came after him. In the end they were all carried away as slaves. Application? It seems Americans are so disgusted and fed up with politicians who have proven to be anything but peace loving and wise, that they’re ready to accept a Big Bully as a “fix” to make things better. No! Not better. GREAT!! Again!

If they vote, they get the bully instead of the politicians. The bully who is already inciting and encouraging acts of violence, who gets to pick “his” Veep and appoint “his” cabinet members to serve with him (and maybe even a “kitchen cabinet” of informal advisers like POTUS Andrew Jackson did), possibly appoint Supreme Court justice(s), AUTHORIZE the use of military force in matters he deems necessary, etc., etc., etc.

The end result? __________ We have to wait to see how the “blank” gets filled in. No prophets in the USA. Just one bull-headed American who makes promises just like the politicians do, yet he has somehow persuaded people that he’s “different” and he can deliver on his promises. HOW will he deliver? Hmmmm …?? ________________

P.S. I don’t represent any organization and prefer not add my name for personal and private reasons. Just wanted to lend my support to those who want to continue to build on the foundation laid by our forefathers and strive to make the UNITED States of America all that it can be for all of the people. :)