● My Dysfunctional Family

Do ever you feel as though your family is so dysfunctional that there is no hope for them to ever be “normal” and happy (like the picture-perfect family in the featured image)?

Happy “Normal” Family

Read Bible accounts about the children of King David. Contrast and compare to your present family relationships and it just might give you hope.

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David was the second king of ancient Israel. He had more than one wife and several children resulted from his various unions.

One son was named Absalom. That name means “peacemaker”. That name did not suit the young man’s character. Although he caused his father a lot of grief, when he died, David mourned and wept bitterly.

Another son was named Solomon. Yes. The same King Solomon many refer to as “the wisest man in the world”. His name means “the peaceful”. For the most part, growing up in his father’s house, he did not give his father reason to be sorrowful. In fact, so good a child was he that when David was on his death bed, he chose Solomon to be the next to ascend to the throne and reign over Israel.

Both sons killed their brothers; albeit for very different reasons. Absalom killed Amnon. Solomon killed Adonijah. Absalom’s story can be found in 2 Samuel; and details about Solomon are recorded in 1 Kings.

After reading about these royal children, take another look at your seemingly dysfunctional family. How do they look to you now?

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“Absalom, with his sister Thamar”, Alexandre Cabanel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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