● Bollywood Movie Review: Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006)

Once watched an Indian movie that was considered very controversial because of its theme. Controversial subject matter for the citizens of India, that is. A film with that kind of content is very commonplace in the USA. Nevertheless, Shah Rukh Khan, one of the main actors, was on a talk show being interviewed about it and his remarks were something to the effect:

“ Well although it was a good movie, people don’t want to say it was a good movie because … what could they say to praise it? They can’t say: ‘Oh that was such a good movie! How the lady did _________.’”

(Sorry. If I fill in the blank it would result in a spoiler. Don’t want to do that in case the reader has not seen the movie.)

Controversial or not, the movie was very successful. “It became the highest grossing Indian film of all time overseas at the time of its release.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Have to agree with Mr. Khan’s remarks though. The plot and script were crafted to keep the viewer involved in the lives of each character all the way to the very end and the acting was really quite good. However, the truth is, in real life, usually such scenarios don’t have a happy ending where adults work out their differences and part as friends, or at least, are still on speaking terms with each other. The people of India strike me as very conservative with strong family values who would definitely not want to encourage the behavior exemplified in the film in their real life society.

Anyway, it is a good film as far as the acting (and the music) is concerned and is recommended for devoted fans of Shah Rukh Khan (or fans of any member of that all star cast).

The movie is Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006).

(English: Never Say Good Bye; also known as KANK.)

Kabhi Alvida Na Khena ~ www.teilani.de/Shahrukh/srk-filmografie-eng.htm

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SPOILER ALERT! (Sort of.) Of a truth, I didn’t really like this movie. I checked it out from our public library, so at least I didn’t spend any money to watch it. To briefly summarize the plot in real life terms: These people were all adults who made bad life changing decisions, on their own, and then tried to backtrack to fix everything. Their pain and emotional distress could have been avoided. The ending is totally unrealistic. But hey! It’s a movie! Without the pain and emotional distress there wouldn’t have been much of a plot.

That’s my opinion. It is a very emotional topic for sure and I am not the only one with an opinion. If you check the 260+ reviews posted at IMDb you will find extreme opinions that range from: “Realistic and wonderful movie” TO “A disappointing rendering of a sensitive emotion”.

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