● Searching for Chinese Treasures

Planning a trip to China? Hoping to find hidden treasure from the ancient world? Students who compare civilizations in world history are aware that like the pharaohs of Egypt, the Chinese emperors and leaders buried treasures with them for their afterlife.

It was reported in 2009 that Chinese archaeologists uncovered an 1800-year-old tomb in Xigaoxue , which they believed to be the genuine tomb of a Chinese general Cao Cao. Hundreds of relics were recovered, but some experts were not convinced the bones belonged to the military leader and wanted DNA tests done. Evidently, they had the bones of the general’s son which had been discovered in 1951.

The treasures of the Tombs of Southern Song Dynasty emperors were found but they had already been robbed. Perhaps there might still be some hidden tombs that the grave robbers could not locate or access.

By Unknown artist of the Eastern Han Dynasty (Han Tomb in Dahuting (Wade-Giles: Ta-hu-t’ing)) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Curious seekers wanting to find treasures of ancient China often search for undiscovered tombs, but based on some interesting information uncovered doing research to write another article, it appears that searching for ships lost at sea or shipwrecks, might be just as profitable.

Chinese trade ship; Wikimedia Commons


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