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In Memory Of:

  • Grant R. Jeffrey (1948–2012)
  • John Hick (1922–2012)
  • Paul Edwards (1923–2004)

Grant R. Jeffrey believed the Bible was the Divinely inspired word of God because God signed it.

There is no way it can be deemed a forgery, a fake, or uninspired. His wrote a book titled “The Signature of God”, to present his proofs. Logic dictates if there is a sole author of the “the Book of Books”, the author must exist or must have existed at some point.

Three decades earlier, before Jeffrey’s findings were made available to the public, two other men, John Hick and Paul Edwards, presented the results of their research regarding “The Existence of God”. It was an exercise in philosophical reasoning.

Jeffrey, Hick and Edwards — Believers and Philosophers / Ministers and Teachers

According to the results of research that took him decades to compile, Grant Jeffrey insisted that math, science and medicine, archaeology, and historical records provide indisputable evidence that the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. Oddly enough one of his main indicators or proofs is the same claim made by President Abraham Lincoln, that is, anybody who reads the Bible will live and die a better person for doing so.

“I am profitably engaged in reading the Bible. Take all of this Book upon reason that you can, and the balance by faith, and you will live and die a better man.
 — —
Abraham Lincoln, 1863

It is clear in reading The Signature of God that Jeffrey’s purpose is to persuade or convince non-believers that the truths presented from Genesis to Revelation are verifiable and come from a Higher Power who reveals Himself to all mankind through His Word. Jeffrey’s work is the result of several years of research and study, the final product being presented to the public in book form in 1998. But if one is to accept his analysis and conclusions, one must first accept that God is real. Suppose the non-believers don’t even believe there is a Supreme Intelligent Being we refer to as God? Logic dictates if there is a sole author of the “the Book of Books”, the author must exist or must have existed at some point.

In 1964, two other men, John Hick and Paul Edwards, published the results of a project they had undertaken. They went on a quest to gather “available” information from the ancient Greeks to the present day (the “present day” at that time being circa 1960s) and share arguments representing both sides, i.e. FOR and AGAINST The Existence of God.

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My Assessment and Opinion

Both books, in paperback format, are between 300 to 350 pages. So first I’d like to say that the condensing of years and years and years of that kind of extensive research into publications that are less than 400 pages is nothing short of miraculous!!! :)

Have you ever seen “reports” promulgated by the United States government? It takes 300 pages to present the summary of whatever it is that’s being reported on! (O.o)

RE: The Signature of God
Are you’re trying to convince me that an extremely wise and intelligent Being is the author of one of the greatest books ever written? Well then quite frankly I think that the mysterious Hebrew codes, the mathematical signature of God, and the “Undesigned Coincidences” are totally unnecessary convolutions. The information and arguments presented did nothing to convince me that the Bible is God-breathed inspired words. Hey! I’m a tough audience!

RE: The Existence of God

If one decides to tackle a topic like the existence of a Supreme Being, why start with the ancient Greeks? There were many civilizations, nations, or people who lived and walked the earth long before citizens of ancient Greece showed up. Take one look at their mythology and it’s plain to see that they were a pretty confused set of folks. They had gods that treated human beings like they were toys to play with, pieces on a chess board. I suspect that if one went back far enough in the history of mankind, they would probably find a point in time when all men knew the one true God. His existence wasn’t a question, it was a given. :)

Are you an atheist? believer? student of philosophy? truth seeker? Then the combined reading of both books is highly recommended.

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