● Smart Homes Get My Thumbs Up

I’m totally OK with Smart technology. Me personally? I wouldn’t want a Smart house. I can’t even handle an iPhone. But my kids have grown up in a different time from me and no doubt they could adapt every easily.

I can remember when old folks used to say that man never went to the moon. That it was all faked by the government. I’m thinking to myself: “ Why would the gov’t lie?

So now Smart technology has come along, I’m thinking like the old folks (because I’m now one of the old folks): “ It ain’t real! It’s a plot of the government!

There is probably a lot of good to be derived from “mankind’s witty inventions”. Now, if only we could invent something to stop people from being evil and abusing and misusing things that were created for the good of all mankind.

* What was that? My Smart house is gonna be a pink house? Well alright! Why didn’t you say that from the start?? I’m in!! :)

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Neil Armstrong (1930–2012)

American Astronaut, first man to walk on the moon

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Originally published at www.personapaper.com.