● The Color Blue (Humor)

So red is my favorite color. But when you’re nobody … nobody cares what colors you like (except close family and friends ). Blue is Jay-Z’s favorite color which is important because … he’s Jay-Z or Jay Z!! (Used to have a dash, now his name doesn’t have a dash. IDK!) Here’s a question that never occurred to me and bet Jay Z never thought about it either.

When Did The Color Blue Actually Start To Exist?

Ref: The dress that broke the internet?

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Look up! The sky is blue. Gonna take a wild guess. The color blue is probably the same age as the sky. Click the link for the answer. According to the writer of the article found at cloudhax.com, ancient civilizations did not have a word for the color “blue” in their languages. Interestingly enough, this is order in which words for colors appeared in human languages: first, there was black and white, then red, then yellow and green, and last of all, blue.

Uh huh. That’s fascinating.

Not quite convinced the research produced the true findings.

But since it’s not a matter I’d care to probe any further … in the words of the wise guy philosopher … Aw! Forget about it!

Originally published at cmoneyspinner.blogspot.com on February 29, 2016.