♦ The Origin of Brutal Regimes

‘Violence is the common origin of all regimes. Life, discussion, and political choice occur only against a background of violence.’ ~ Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1908–1961), Humanism and Terror

I AGREE with Mr. Merleau-Ponty. Ever notice when most people speak of a regime they usually describe it as brutal? The use of violence is unrestrained and motivated by either the lust for power (control over a land mass and the people who live on it) and/or a desire for revenge (action required against some wrong done to them). The blood of innocents (and of some who are guilty) must be shed for the rise of the empire and must continue to be shed in defense of the realm.

People have free will and know the difference between good and evil. They choose evil. I blame Sargon. He started it. He may be written in the historical records as The Great or The Magnificent but I say the man was nothing but a troublemaker and a hell-raiser.

  • Do you have an opinion, one way or the other about, the Merleau-Ponty quote? (Or about my insightful and simplistic philosophical points of view?)

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