● We Live in a Digital World, Not a Yellow Submarine

In the United States, many citizens conduct their business, public and private lives in a digital world on a daily basis. Erego, it is a top priority for our political leaders to stay abreast of ever-changing technology and ensure that we have laws in place to protect US from unlawful intrusions of our world”. Very likely questions will be formulated and asked during the upcoming debates between presidential candidates who are aspiring to be serve this country.

◊ Their responses will be “ key ”.

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We don’t all live in a yellow submarine , created by the wonderful imagination of The Beatles . But many of US do live in a digital world and much of our private and confidential data and information can be leaked or exposed to unauthorized parties in the blink of an eye. If the snoopers and peepers who gained access are on the team of Mr. Nice Guy, well then no worries (theoretically). But if the hacker is a malicious and evil perpetrator who wants to rule the world and control private citizens … then we have a problem!! No doubt, the next President of the United States has already developed or is working on a plan of action to tackle this critical issue.


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