● What Do You Know About the Baobab Tree?

The baobab tree (adansonia) is the national tree of Madagascar and has been called the tree of life (although I personally believe that any tree on the planet can be called a tree of life**).

One neat fact which I found at the blog for neatorama.com ~ 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World ~ is that the baobab tree can store as much as 31,700 gallon (120,000 l) of water to endure harsh drought conditions. The fruit of this tree has been called a “superfruit” because of its nutrient-rich content (loaded with vitamin C, calcium and antioxidants, minerals, protein, soluble and insoluble dietary fiber). The bark of the tree is used for clothing, medicinal compounds, and more. Baobab trees don’t just grow in the African savannas but the ones in Africa are pretty amazing! I don’t go to bars so I probably would have thought to build something else. But there’s a baobab tree in a garden in Limpopo, South Africa that has a bar inside of it, with a phone and a dartboard. Don’t believe me? I’m a Stumbler and discovered an interesting link at amazingposts.com when I stumbled the word Adansonia: A bar inside the trunk of a Baobab tree has tourists flocking …

The Tarangire National Park is the sixth largest national park in Tanzania, known for its elephants and baobab trees. The best time to visit is any time! Just be aware that there are rainy and dry seasons.

Links to websites that supply more information:

“Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.” (African Proverbs and Sayings)

So what do you think?

Baobab trees sound pretty cool, huh?

Imagine one in your backyard. Easy to do if your backyard is an African savanna. 🙂

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