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Over the last few days I spend much time figuring out that I have to write a list with 10 items.

As a semi-professional online game noob/feeder and three sons and whatsapp comedian, I seeded three high quality movies over limewire in 2011, so in my humble opinion it is best to write a list about the things you know best.

So here is this list of 10 things that would have definitely made me a billionaire if I had done them for the past 10 years (obviously before 6:00 am).

1. Wake up at 3:00 am.

This one is straightforward. I mean, how could you do anything before 6:00 am if you sleep in till noon? …

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The future is easy because it doesn’t exist. But the past is painful because it lasts forever. - Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit lead vocalist)

You can regret something as little as the food choice you made at a restaurant, but you can also live a miserable life in regret of marrying the wrong person.

Regret comes down to a decision you made that you are no longer happy with. There were two options: Option A - the option you took, and Option B - anything other than Option A.

I did not spare any efforts and sketched the situation for…

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Let me start this story by telling you I do think we should compliment each other more. Compliments are probably the most thought and least vocalized trait of human interaction. I am not talking about the I-got-sexual-interest-in-you type of compliment a man gives to a women on a first date, like: “You know that your eyes are stunningly beautiful, don’t you?”. I am talking about a deeply thought-out compliment to a good friend you know very well. Think about the last time you gave such a compliment. It may have been some time ago. …


Simon Dorr

My hobbys include searching for flaws in myself, asking tough questions and playing Volleyball. In India for a year. Founder of

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