Diminutives, superlatives, hyperbolic statements.

You’re very welcome, I’m glad you found something worthwhile in it. Rather than being lazy and simply bringing up the dictionary, I’ll supply my own intuitive definitions to the words you mentioned here:

Diminutives — words that typically relate to ideas of the small, minor or marginal. Sometimes cutesy “affectionate” terms of endearment between people are called diminutives, but it is the former definition, rather than the latter, that I refer to in this piece.

Superlatives — words that tend to refer to the inverse; the most, the greatest, the grandest, the best. These terms are used a lot in modern writing, in order to grab attention, but their overuse can cause lack of precision and grace in the writing and even wear the reader out.

Hyperbole — Intentional exaggeration. “Three Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever” etc. Often combined with the superlatives in order to grab attention and views.

None of these are wholly wrong approaches to take, unless they are overused. It’s all about balance and good sense, and that comes with practice. Thanks again for reading.

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