About Me

I am Connor Morrison. I was born on April 5th, 2000. I was born and raised in Arlington heights. I went to Windsor Elementary School, South Middle School and I currently go to Prospect High School. I am a junior at Prospect. One interesting thing about me is that I have been a die hard Chicago Cubs fan ever since I was little. I like to play both baseball and soccer, but my favorite sport is baseball. I play baseball and soccer for Prospect High School and club. I really like going on vacation to big cities or islands with nice beaches.

I chose this song because I like the Cubs. They play this song after every win.

On a Thursday night at 9:00 pm, I am usually doing homework on the couch.

My mom is one of the couple people who inspire me. She is a,ways motivating. (My mom wasn’t available for a picture when I was writing this)

My dad is another person who inspires me. He is funny and also always motivating me like my mom. (My dad also was not available for a picture when I was writing this)

This is Dexter Fowler and he plays for the Cubs. He’s just one of my favorite players.

A dream that I have is to go to Australia. I have always wanted to go to Australia.

In America, there are many jobs and opportunities. People can have careers and be important in America.

In America, there’s freedom and equality. That’s one reason why many people from other places want to come to the USA.

In America there many opportunities. That’s another reason why a lot of people from other countries want to come to America.

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