Seeking Past, Present and Future — in our Partnerships

I have a thought for when we are looking to partner with someone professionally, to hire them, to be hired by them, too add them to your organization or professional situation. (sic I am using gender-neutral plural them, because English can be stupid.)

When wanting to learn about their past, seek testimonials and recommendations. Find out from the context of people who were in the actual experience about how this person acted in those circumstances.

When wanting to learn about the present, seek the content they put out into the world, their digital selves, the conversations they are having. Find out their layers and the priorities within their point of view.

When wanting to learn about the future, have your own conversation/interview. Seek out their vision and know where they are taking things according to their own words.

Finally, don’t waste time using the wrong tool for the wrong investigation. Why dig a hole with a hammer or put a nail into a wall with a shovel when you have the correct tool available? Sure they can do the job, but they can also mess it up.

I love this shop in Montreal, Lowell