Happy now?

So a friend pointed out to me just how cheesy my blog posts have apparently been. I just wanna say that they have all been of the utmost sincerity! I do love it here and I do love my community mates. But for the sake of diversity, here’s something a little less cheesy. :P

The Argentine economy is in the tank. In the fall, a new president was elected (Macri). It’s complicated and I don’t really get it but basically Macri got rid of a bunch of black market type stuff going on in Argentina and now the value of the peso is sinking rapidly. In September, the dollar was worth about ten or eleven pesos. Now, just a few months later, the dollar is about fifteen pesos. This is good for us Americans but horrible for Argentines. It’s inadvisable to save pesos (in a bank or algo así) because if you save pesos, you’re basically throwing money out the window. We students have been advised to keep our dollars as long as we can before exchanging to pesos so that we can get the absolute most out of our dollars. Dollars are extremely favorable here; I think most Argentines would love to take your dollars off of your hands. This is because the dollar is stable and worth a lot. They’re a good, solid investment.

I very much hope that Macri is changing everything with the idea that in order to fix the economy, it first must be broken down. I hope that he has good intentions and ends up doing good for the country- Argentina needs it.