A new community for crypto marketing

Six months ago, I was hired for a generalist position at an agency. With very little notice, “suddenly” I was a crypto marketer.

As I was part of a Bitcoin meetup a few years ago, I knew a bit about Bitcoin, the blockchain, and altcoins. But by no means, would I call myself an expert — let alone a crypto marketing specialist.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve seen things change. This might be because of the downturn in the crypto economy. Or because of the way that people market blockchain projects have changed over the past few months.

One thing I do know for certain, the market is different from when I first joined the agency. So, I thought to myself, it could be interesting to create a new community for crypto marketing.

Sure, I’m well aware that there are plenty of crypto communities out there like Bitcointalk, Bitcoinpub, Steemit etc. But in my opinion (and I could be very well wrong here) most of these communities do not focus on crypto marketing.

So, for fun, I created a new forum called CMTalk doing just that.

A quick look at CMTalk

Crypto Marketing Talk Categories

We’ve created five main places for people to chat. Here’s a quick explanation of each category:

CMTalk ANN: Here, people can talk about how they’re marketing their project, ask questions, get help and ideas. Not only is this a place for ICO’s to discuss crypto marketing, but also agencies to bounce ideas off each other as well.

Crypto Marketing Deals: This section was created for a few reasons. Without this category, places like the “CMTalk ANN” could quickly lose their value by people being self-promotional and trying to sell services. So, this category acts as a “filter.” Plus, if people do have a cool deal, it makes it easier for people in our community to find it.

Useful Crypto Resources: A place for people to share cool useful crypto resources that they’ve found — this doesn’t have to be directly related to crypto marketing.

Meta: A place for people to recommend improvements to CMTalk, suggest features, etc.

Uncategorized: Basically, a section for anything that falls outside of the other categories.

A look at some of the features

Crypto Marketing Talk Badges

Usernames: People can choose to use their real names, or if they want, use a ghost/online alias instead. In my case, I’m using the name “Binary” because of indemnity (in case I say something that doesn’t represent the views of the place I work at).

Anonymity: We have set the settings to allow people to post and comment anonymously. We think this is important because sometimes if people do want to get advice, they may want to seek it anonymously.

Badges: There are badges for different things, and once you get a badge, you will earn more privileges (eg. The ability to invite users, join private communities etc). You get these by being active in the forum and performing different actions.

Invite-only: We decided to make the community invite-only to let it grow from the friends of our users. By doing this, it will help minimize spam, and ensure a higher standard of content on the platform.

Getting an invite to CMTalk

Requesting and giving invites on CMTalk

The community officially soft-launched today and we’re looking for people to join (that includes admins and brand ambassadors too).

After the first one hundred invites are given out —then the only way people will be able to join in the future is by getting an invite from another CMTalk member.

You’ll also get extra perks too like the ability to invite others, and we may even upgrade some accounts with more privileges.

If you want to get an invite, here’s what you need to do:
  1. Clap and share this post.
  2. Leave a comment down below (eg. “I’m in”).
  3. Email binary@cmtalk.org and say “invite please.”