a journey from the wild west to the empire state (part 1)

this is a photo essay of a journey by rail from san francisco to niagara falls. during this trip, i was accompanied by a friend and colleague, abhishek shukla. en route, we deboarded the train in a few major cities, spent a couple of days roaming around, exploring around and resumed the journey again.

itinerary of the trip:

6 california zephyr 18th 09:10 am emeryville -> 19th 06:38 pm denver

6 california zephyr 20th 07:10 pm denver -> 21st 02:50 pm chicago

48 lake shore limited 23rd 09:30 pm chicago -> 24th 06:23 pm new york

63 maple leaf 27th 07:15 am new york -> 27th 04:26 pm niagara falls

the guys

left to right: mukul, abhishek. transbay temporary terminal, san francisco.

emeryville -> denver

route map
emeryville station
the train arrives and on time:)
the bay, always there!
greeted by snow while crossing tahoe national forest
so satisfying to look at
donner lake
evening sky, location: somewhere
good morning, a bright new day
twists and turns
the silence of utah!
the first glimpses of colorado river
an evening in the wild
hello denver!

24 hours in denver, the mile high city

state capitol
larimer square, on a sunday night. broncos lost the game:(
red rocks park and amphitheatre.
let’s hike around
coors field
larimar square
denver art museum
state capitol. bbye denver. next stop, chicago:)

part 2: https://medium.com/@cmuks/a-journey-from-the-wild-west-to-the-empire-state-part-2-ebfdee3e22b0