Choosing the Right Gym For You

Looking for a new gym? Tired of the one you’re at? Just getting into lifting and looking where to go? Well, I’m here to try and help you out in choosing the right gym for you and what you want to get out of it. All gyms are different and are filled with different people, equipment, classes, and locations.

Being comfortable at your gym is a must. You don’t want to walk in and feel weird or like you don’t belong. This feeling will make you get anxious and have a bad workout instead of being relaxed and walking around like you own the place. When you find the right gym you start to know the layout, the staff, good times to go, and the members that can become lifting buddies and friends!

This section is for new comers that are starting out and seeking to join the fit fam! We see a lot of ads to join new gyms like LA Fitness, LifeTime, or Crunch for no down and first month for a dollar. These ads seem great and like an easy option but I would steer clear (at first). The gyms listed above are largest and have widespread locations across the country, however they’re expensive, and loaded with more than you need right now. It can distract you from why you’re there and pay for things and classes or trainers you don’t need. My suggestion for you is to go with a local or hometown gym. Here’s why.

Local gyms offer lower prices for residents and are smaller in size with a good amount of equipment to start with. They also provide a sense of community that you are already apart of by living there. It is close to your house, fast to get too, and your neighbors or people you know may go there! This provides comfort and making new friends or workout buddies within the community you already live in. They aren’t heavily marketed to you so go out and ask or look within your hometown!

Now for people who have been working out for 1+ years and are looking to expand from their local or small YMCA gym. You guys are going to want to look into a LA Fitness and those types of gyms. Bigger, nation wide brands and gyms that provide more equipment, people, and services for you to expand your friends, knowledge, and challenge yourself against others bigger or lifting heavier than you. There is always a bigger fish but doesn’t mean they won’t help you get there!

Finally, my gym rat friends who have been lifting for 5+ years and really looking for a gym with like minded people and who are as passionate about lifting as they are. Well, time to join a power lifting gym! These gyms are filled with strong like minded people who lift long and heavy. They are people who lift for competition, do body building, and the gym is their second home and its now yours too. Enjoy.

There you have it fit fam. A perfect gym for you depending on what you are looking for and what you want out of your gym. Remember to push yourself and that these are guidelines not set in stone rules. If you like the gym and feel good about it then by all means join!

Until next time!