Robots Are Coming to Kill Us, but at Least They’ll Need Copywriters
Ryan Yuck

It won´t be the computers that fuck it up, it´s gonna be the greater powers. The ones who already control us, but to some extent need us to keep working menial jobs to make billions for them by giving the common worker ant a wage then taking it back by selling them shit they don´t need. As soon as they don´t need slave labour anymore because all jobs have been automated there´s gonna be a push to depopulate, why give people a living wage , go through the hassle of feeding, caring for and nurturing a herd of useless humans. Every job is at risk, manufacturing has been gone for decades, taxi drivers and truckers are next with self driving cars, even unspecialised doctors will be replaceable with a tricoder. Architects will be irrelevant because AI will be able to design a building based on spoken instructions for the owner´s approval, artists and authors you could say might survive, but if we put the artist in a sealed box and just view the art produced, then the end product is very repeatable by a machine and indistinguishable from a human artist´s work. Unremarkable books could easily be created by sliding a few factors (violence, romance, complexity, length, descriptiveness, etc) and you could have a custom story just for yourself. One use for humans might be for colonization of other planets, so the powers would send off a seed-herd of 5000 people to a neighbouring planet to set off the colonization process to wait for the elite´s eventual arrival. I imagine humans will revolt against a future like this but if the process is gradual enough there won´t be major resistance. Rant over.

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