Cecelia loves Peppa Pig and I encourage it. It’s a fine show, if they must watch TV, and the best one I can really find for kids. It teaches manners, proper English, counting, animals, the alphabet, music, and more, and does it in a genuinely creative way, with a lot of thought put into it and quality. They didn’t cheap out of the animation (think 70’s-80’s Hanna Barbara) and the design isn’t Chuck Jones quality animation(and it’s not by hand like his), but it’s simplicity, lack of gradients, 12:00 shadows and limited palette are part of its appeal. And it’s consistent, with lots of content. Many kids shows only have one season. I have a feeling for commercial reasons, particularly merchandising tie-ins that are rotated on toy store shelves. Meaning: Amazon.com.

Peppa also isn’t hyper-commercialized like so much of everything else. Kids are beaten over the head with ads from the beginning of life now. The persistent logo, aka “bug” for Disney or whomever in the corner of screens is something I abhor. And it’s become the normal thing, even if you’re already paying to view the content.

But this post is about Cecelia. I wanted to record somewhere her adoration for Peppa and that whenever she wants to watch her she’ll come up and oink loudly at your side. It’s one of those many things that unfortunately have become commonplace but is actually something I don’t want to ever forget.

the chef picks a bouquet
chef cecelia
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