Our Wild Life

If someone were to say ‘High school is like a…’ in one word how would you finish the sentence? I assure you the most popular answer would be ‘a rollercoaster, because it has its ups and downs.’ However this is an unoriginal answer and although my answer may seem simple, but it has a much deeper meaning behind it. High school is like a jungle.

Yes, it’s crazy and loud, but that’s not my whole reasoning (but it’s still part of it). I think animals. This may not be your first thought that comes to mind, but let’s roll with it. This is the most prominent group within the jungle, or for us it’s the extracurricular activities we partake in. We all interact with one another whether we have the same interests or not..in the same way symbiotic relationship works between different animal groups. On the same note, another part of the jungle life is the domination of territory, also known as lunch. Animals claim certain areas, like high schoolers and their pack choose their lunch tables. Our seniors are at the top of the food chain, getting to decide where they want to eat, while the freshmen are allowed all the leftover spots that are unwanted.

The surroundings are another important part to remember; they are the trees, which serve as a shelter and protect them from dangerous predators who are out to hurt them in some way. Those who protect and help us at school are our teachers, dealing with our problems. Friends stabilize our lives and give us comfort when we need it most. For animals their nest is someplace they can always return to.

Finally we have the paths, intertwined throughout, connecting each branch of the jungle. We learn and find a way to coexist with one another, becoming better people despite what others may believe.

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