Green Shopping Makes a Difference

China’s economic boom caused the rise of the Chinese consumer society. China has now overtaken the United States in terms of building the world’s largest online retail market. At the same time, China has surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest trash producer. Most trash goes to landfills. The throwaway economy, cheap goods, and the most developed online retail market are causing the deterioration of the environment.

What is wastefree?

Wastefree is a community-oriented project powered by China Classifieds. Our goal is to raise awareness about China`s environmental challenges and call for action to sustain, protect, and support nature/environment.

Wastefree is a lifestyle that connects like-minded pioneers to encourage free garage sales on a regular basis, to organize interactive community sessions, and most importantly, to take actions to preserve nature by contributing to a greener future. Everyone is welcome to take part and make a small difference.

Reasons to join us?

China is a place that is home to a large number of expats as well as people who see it as a temporary destination for all kinds of purposes. Basically, this means that a lot of people leave after a few years and they end up leaving a large number of items behind. We make it easy for the sustainable lifestyle to be possible and this is one of the main reasons why we promote «green shopping», which is the perfect way to give new life to old items and help save the environment.

  • Stop being owned by the things you own

China has adopted the culture of online shopping, which is the main reason why the process of online shopping has become so easy all over the country. One thing that most people do is keep belongings around their homes that they don’t use at all. Do you really want to have a bunch of things cluttering your household? Why not get rid of them as soon as possible? You could sell them or even give them away to someone who needs them. This benefits others as well you, because you will have an easier time moving when you have to move.

  • Get quick cash and feel morally rewarded

One of the great things about selling belongings that you no longer need is that you can get some extra money into your pockets. This is the main reason why a large number of people sell things often. They know they have cash around their house in the form of unused items and this is can be very helpful.

  • Network with purpose

This is a great way for you to do some networking, because you will meet new people who think alike.

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