I stumbled into adulthood accidentally. It was as if I missed a step, and suddenly, I was on the platform to god-knows-what.

So, the day after I turned 27, I gave myself a reminder to always return to — and never to fear — who I am. To embrace the sharper edges that exist within me. On my right arm is a stem of gladiolus flowers — symbolic of moral and character strength — and a crescent moon. The moon, representative of the unknown, of the things that hide in the dark.

I never could envision myself at 27 — yet, here I am. And every passing day, week, month, year seems only to bring greater uncertainty and very little clarity. But there are a few truths I am promising to live by. I am writing this to hold myself accountable; these are the things I will remind myself of during those times when the moon obscures my path. …


Chelsea Hawkins

Writer, wanderer, iced-coffee-drinker. Communications professional by-day, over-thinker by night. Using this space to share creative work. Always curious.

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