Launch chrome-devtools url from iTerm in a single click

We wanted to benefit from the built-in debugger support in NodeJS 7.2, but using nodemon, it complicates thing since the chrome-devtools url is regenerated on every nodemon reload. iTerm2 supports opening url from a single Command+Click action and it’s now possible to get chrome-devtools to be recognized (nightly build until it’s officially released).

By default, Mac OSX does not recognize/associate the chrome-devtools URI scheme to Google Chrome. In order to do that, we used linCastor which is simple and very useful.

Install and configure iTerm

  • install iTerm2 nightly build:
  • iTerm2 > Preferences > Profiles
  • Advanced Tab
  • Smart Selection section, click on Edit button
  • Add chrome-devtools with regex chrome-devtools://(.*)
  • click on Edit Actions… button
  • Add chrome-devtools with action Open URL… and parameter \0 (backslash ZERO, thought I would mention it because of the medium’s font)

Install and configure linCastor

  • install linCastor :
  • click on add new scheme
  • title: chrome-devtools
  • scheme(s): chrome-devtools
  • choose application : Google chrome
  • click on Save and Activate
  • In your node application, pass those flags as follow:
nodemon --debug —-inspect .

and then a chrome-devtools link will be displayed in your console

You’ll then be able to Command + Click on the link within iTerm2 and this will launch the debugger within Chrome.


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