I think yours is ultimately a defensible position, but I still think you were hiding the ball in…
Robert Greer

For every vegetarian that’s said I’m burying the lead and punching hippies, there’s another that said I was too soft on them and, in focusing on their diets and food production instead of their moralizing and lack of introspection, that I didn’t rattle their cages enough and may as well have written nothing.

As for my own thoughts, while I can concede my own fault in the hippie banner and ecovillage crack, I’d hardly describe this article as hard on vegetarians beyond taking a good hard look at the assumptions they make about the long-term ecological soundness of the methods that produce their food.

Good intentions don’t place a person above honest and direct questioning; whether that person is a 100% raw vegan or Donald Trump. And I don’t think vegetarians are too fragile to engage in introspection, especially those who — like those who inspired this article — would argue “a vegetarian diet is enough; my work is done here.”