Will Medium Censor Black People?

I had an article get popular here the other day. As often happens, someone responded with a disagreement, which was fine until the final paragraph where he made a cheeky, oblique reference to poor (and, given the broader context of my article, Black) people as ignorant, insane, and addicted to crack.

In an age where known White supremacists occupy offices in the White House and the President himself publicly gives armed Nazis the benefit of the doubt, I refuse to make any such equivocations. So I promptly invited him to fuck himself after taking apart his argument.

Someone reported my response to Medium.

So here we are:

  1. A guy makes a tasteless, racist — but creative — jab at Black people, referencing the poor among us as insane, ignorant, crack addicts.
  2. A Black guy responds, telling him to fuck off.
  3. Medium tone-polices the Black guy (literally using the term “tone it down” in their email), and leaves the racist alone.

I’m curious to see where this goes. To see if Medium is really (REALLY?) going to censor one of its few popular Black contributors in order to protect something that’s one n-word away from hate speech.

Medium asked me to amend my post. Consider this little essay as said amendment. You can leave my comment alone, or you can turn yourself into an object lesson in Silicon Valley’s diversity problem.

Choose wisely.

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