Today we are reaching the limitations of Moore’s Law where semiconductor efficiency is at a point where it can be scaled all the way from the world’s most powerful supercomputer (Fugaku) down to the phenomenal capabilities exhibited in products as diverse as Apple Airpods and autonomous vehicles. …

Cybersecurity attacks have surged during the coronavirus pandemic in line with a rapid shift towards remote-working and online transactions. This surge has catalysed a more rapid rise in demand for cybersecurity platforms and services such as Crowdstrike, Palo Alto Networks, Okta, Fireye and national-security focussed firms such as Raytheon.

In the US, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has seen the same number of complaints from Jan-Mar 2020 as they saw in the entire year of 2019 whilst, across the board, there has been a surge in covid19 related attacks.

According to Accenture, it is estimated that the 2019–2023 global business/economic value at risk from cybercrime will be US$5.2 …

Despite markets being highly inflated (relative to macro risks), the next decade will undoubtedly see incredible investment opportunities across rapidly growing emerging technology themes such as clean energy, artificial intelligence, cloud and edge computing, nanotechnology, space tech, satellite tech……and autonomous vehicles (to name but a few).

One of the key areas I’ve covered recently is the relationship between key brands in the autonomous vehicle market — both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Read up on the article links above or, for a recap, you can refer to the AV market maps below:

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