A Day in the life of Raquel Acosta

Captain Raquel Acosta has been in the military for 17 years. After serving on active duty Army for three years, she decided to resign her service from active duty because she wanted to go to college and get an education. After being in the Army she had switched and went to the National Guard in 2002.

Captain Acosta has two different types of jobs within the guard, though her official job title is the Family Readiness Officer at the Nevada National Guard. Her job includes many aspects such as volunteer services. There are three different sections that she runs, two of which involves the families and children that are with the guard or are associated with the community. The last part she is involved with are the military veterans.

The all over mission is to provide education, training, and support to family members and military service members, to help them cope with day-to-day changes with military lifestyles and to be aware of what resources are provided for them. If her facility doesn’t have the resources, then they reach out to the community to get the resources that are needed for them.

Additional services that Captain Acosta’s office provides to veterans is to help them with finding jobs and helping with their financial situation. The other part that she helps with are youth and children, as Captain Acosta said, “this is my favorite part to work with.” “Just trying to help these kids cope with the military life, since not everyone around them are within the military and do not know the difficulties with being in the military.”

The passion that she has for these programs, Captain Acosta said, “I have the best job in the National Guard to provide for the military and their families, not everybody can go to work and say that they can help members and families in the National Guard.” Captain Acosta wants to make family support a big thing again, she believes that families have started to go down and is not as big as it once was before. “One way of being successful is by how to take care of your house, and something the community can help you with as well.”

Captain Acosta said that she sometimes work from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Her work isn’t done yet, during her free time she plans different events or try to gather the needed resources that are required for the events.

People can contact Captain Acosta if they want to volunteer at the Nevada National Guard. There are some opportunities that are coming soon; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas events that support all of our military members and their families.