Who Am I?

Photo credits: Time.com

Sports…Sports…and More Sports

Born into a family of athletes. Dad, baseball. Brother, baseball. Other brother, football. So what would I be? Basketball?

As I grew up that’s all I would play, and all I would watch. Never did I ever think that I would play that boring sport I always saw on tv. Golf.

My dad always tried to get me to play but I always resisted. I knew that I was a basketball person. However, as I grew up, my opinions changed.

Now here I stand today, in love with the game of golf. Drive, put chip. Now that is all I do.

Don’t Stop Believing - Glee

I chose the Journey Song “Don’t Stop Believing.” However, I prefer the glee version a lot better. Glee was probably one of my favorite t.v. shows I’ve ever watched, and when they sang this song, it immediately became my favorite. This song reminds me of my dad because we always sing this song as a duet and it’s easy because you can tell which part is the guys and which parts is the girls. As I grow up, I’ll always remember this song being a huge part of my childhood.

For my picture at 9:00 I did a picture of my puppy. After I finish all my homework for the day and shower, I usually watch some t.v. before bed and Callie will hop up on the couch and snuggle with me.


This is a vine of me doing my golf swing. This is something I do everyday, because I have practice every day after school.

3 people who inspire me

Ally Raisman is one person that inspires me. She is a U.S. Olympic gymnast, and she inspires me along with many other gymnasts who fought their way after the abuse they went through.


My whole family inspires me because they are always hard-working and always help me out when I need it. My parents always help drive everywhere and take care of us, and I look up to my brothers because they are great role models and lead the way for me.


Ellen Degeneres inspires me so much! She is a very hard-working person, and is constantly giving. She puts others happiness before herself, and though she is very wealthy, she uses her money for the good of others.

Dream Picture


This picture helps demonstrate my dream because my one goal I want to do during my life is to take a mission trip to India. Thousands of kids in India get separated or lost from their parents every day due to their growing population. I would like to go to India one day and work with groups that help kids find their way back home. Though it’s impossible to help every child, every little step helps.