Attention: Before We Proceed

Christian Brothers,

Let me issue this disclaimer before I initiate and engage in any conversation about pursuing/dating Christian women:

This blog is about Christian Nice Guy Recovery. This blog is absolutely NOT “The Christian Woman Haters Club!”

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I NEVER want CNGR to devolve into some toxic online sounding board where Christian men come to just whine, complain about, and put down women in the Church. I did not start CNGR for that purpose, and you shouldn’t be reading this blog for that purpose. That would be wrong, sinful, and contrary to the character and nature of God; it is definitely NOT what Jesus would do. Now, I am going to be, at times, honest and candid about some of my negative experiences with dating some of my sisters in Christ (I will NEVER use anyone’s real name, of course). Many of my observations and assessments regarding both women, and us men as well, will be stern and unflinching. However, I hope and aim to use those past (and current) experiences and lessons to help other Christian men learn and grow, which will hopefully result in positive experiences.

Remember my tagline:

Don’t Be A Nice Guy. Be A Godly Man.

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I really mean that. It is not just a catchphrase or a motto. This blog is intended to help struggling brothers in Christ pursue Christ-likeness in the area of dating and romantic relationships. It’s a place where, hopefully, you will read my thoughts and observations, and be able to say “Ah, finally somebody gets it! At long last, I now have verbiage for all of the things that I have been thinking and feeling, but couldn’t put into words myself. I’m so relieved to know that there are other guys dealing with the same pursuing/dating difficulties and frustrations that I am. It’s not just me. It’s not just the girls in MY church who act this way. I’m not alone!” Also, I hope to provide you all with new ways of thinking and acting, and new ideas to consider. Whenever I come across helpful websites or videos (on dating/relationships/being a more mature, godly man, etc.), I will post them on this page, as well as the CNGR Facebook page.

As I’ve said before, I desire that, in time, CNGR will become a rich resource of godly advice and encouragement for single Christian men. If this blog can help one fellow brother successfully pursue, date, and then marry an awesome, mature, godly Christian woman, then praise God! I would be so blessed and overjoyed to find that out.

(*** End of Disclaimer ***)

So, stay tuned for my next post!