Thank you. I’m know that is a simple yet broad statement of gratitude although I don’t think I say it enough to you guys. I remember when you both first dropped me off at preschool and I was whimpering as I clenched onto the sleeve of your shirt not wanting to let go, not wanting to start something new and away from my parents. I remember all the times I’ve been sick and you were there to comfort me and attempt to make me feel better. I remember all of the carpools and drop offs for all the swim practices and all the hangouts you let me to. You always let me go out with my friends even though I didn’t deserve the time, but you love me just that much to not let me miss out on my childhood. I’ve made so many reoccurring mistakes in my life but I am so damn glad I have the parents to be patient with me enough to help me get past them and learn from them. And I know that I’m not the best daughter or student you’d want but for me, for sure, you are the most perfect and wonderful parents a girl can have.

So thank you, Mom and Dad. I have learned that the corny saying actually proves to be true,friends come and go as we pass through life, but family will always be there for you. You guys have done just that; you’ve always been here for me. Regardless of your long and hard days at work or if you may not be getting along perfectly, you have been strong enough to put everything to the side and be there for me, anytime, anywhere. I envy the patience you have displayed with me throughout the past fifteen, almost 16 years and I can only hope I can develop that skill with my own children in the future. You’ve allowed me to learn from my mistakes instead of keeping me sheltered to prevent them from happening. You have protected me from the horrid outside world and helped me be prepared for when I do go out there.Because of that, I think I have become a stronger person and so have you.

I’d like to say thank you because I know it would not be possible to be the person I am today if it weren’t for you guys. I would not have been able to experience the things I’ve been blessed to see and do. I’ve learned that life is about the experiences, and you guys have given me the gift of beautiful memories growing up. I don’t believe that any family is perfect, but I wouldn’t trade my childhood or the way I was brought up for anything, even if I might have expressed otherwise in the past.

Because I might not say these two words and eight letters enough, thank you. I am eternally grateful for you guys and all that you have done for me. I am looking forward to experiencing the rest of what life has to offer with you guys by my side. I can only hope that I am one day at least half of the parents you are to me. I love you.

All my love,

Your daughter