3D Interns is a Catalyst for Revival

Several years ago while studying in Pasadena, California at the Fuller Youth Institute I felt The Lord calling me to start an internship that empowered students to lead. As I began to think through what God was saying to me I realized that we had an opportunity to reach a generation for Jesus. My desire was to see young people lead their generation on a public school, a global community, or simply in their neighborhood.

This is our seventh year of training and equipping youth from San Diego and around the country. We’ve had students travel from the Bay Area and the East Coast.. 3D Interns exist to empower a generation to reach youth for Christ. We are not a conference, nor are we and event, we are a catalyst for revival. The 3D experience changes lives because its a space where teens radically encounter God. I want to encourage you to send your teenager to this summer 3D Interns experience June 20–26, 2016.

You can register today on our site at 3dinterns.com

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