Honoring Your Dad on Father’s Day

Every young lady should want to marry a man who is just like her father. When my daughter was a little girls I did everything in my power to make sure she knew that daddy loved her. I often thought of the importance of making sure she knew daddy would always be there for her. As a father I was intentional and always found a way to create moments that would last a life time. I remember taking her to the park on picnics and play in the playground. I wanted to spend time with her because I knew she would grow up fast. Our kids grow up faster than we can blink and before we know it they are ready to start their own lives and families.

So what is our responsibility as fathers? I’m glad you asked. In John chapter 4 verses 45–53 we see the story of a man in need of Christ. Jesus had previously performed a miracle by turning water into wine and now he had another miracle opportunity. This government official despite his position and power lacked the power to see his sick son healed. He knew that Jesus has the power for miracles. He put his faith in Christ and the result was his sons miraculous healing and the salvation of his family. God is calling men who can put their faith in Him and see their families prosper. When men take their ordained position in the God’s Kingdom they can lead and instruct their families toward godliness. It is important that we acknowledge our need for Christ in our families so that our children can have the right examples in the home. The father establishes the values and moral conduct of the home. It is he who is the first and last role model that their children need and see.

I asked my daughter to honor me by allowing me to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. The simple yet meaningful things that we established early on meant that she would take responsibility for her action. The greatest satisfaction we can have is to see our children grow up and bring honor to us. We raise them to love God, fear God, and serve. Are we giving them the space they need to honor the work we have done as fathers? The man’s cry for his son to get well was a pivotal moment in his life as he recognized that he had no control of his sons destiny and that only a miracle form Jesus could save him. As dads we can’t do this on our own we need to be dependent on Christ to better understand our fatherly roles.

We need to intentionally raise children who know their worth and purpose in the Lord. True honor will come when our children have a conviction in their hearts that their father truly cares and is bold and courageous when it comes to his faith in serving Jesus. I had the privileged of walking my daughter down the aisle recently to marry a man that loves Jesus, serves Jesus, and fears Jesus. I am truly honored.

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