ASMR: What’s Your Flavour?

You could say that every person on earth is infinitely unique and infinitely identical. We all want something, different things, but still something. It might be a cigarette or a yacht or to pull in another breath. We all don’t want other things. The yellow phlegm you cough up and spit into the sink each morning, the cavernous debit on your bank statement that comes with the yacht or your last breath. It’s a rare thing in this world for pleasure to come without equal pain. ASMR is one such pleasure, one of life’s subtle, natural and useful pleasures which is free, accessible to all and carries no negative repercussion.

More than anything in the world, some people just want to be able to fall asleep tonight. Some just want to not feel like every breath they take is complete agony, mental or physical. Others just want to be able to disconnect themselves from the madness of their day, their family, friends and work; to be able to truly relax, let go and feel free again. Another might feel lonely or even be completely alone and crave a human connection on any level. ASMR audio and video is already helping so many meet, or at least push towards, these basic human needs. But there are millions more who are still not aware of its potential or have a tarnished or ignorant view of what ASMR is.

As with anything, one person’s ASMR oasis is another’s mental meltdown. It comes in so many different flavours and even these different flavours are packaged and delivered differently from one content creator to the next. There is no rule or method of finding out what works for any individual or why it worked when it did. ASMR is a private and subjective experience, but when I say private, I don’t mean private like how or why porn is usually kept private. I mean it in the sense that the feeling or experience of it is unique to you. Unlike at a football match when your team scores and you and your friend both revel and share in that moment as something you both really want as its objectively happening right in front of you, it isn’t possible to share the feelings or experiences of ASMR in the same way. The physical sensations or mental connotation the ASMR might induce in you is local only to you, and so you alone are the captain of your ship when it comes to sailing around the ASMR globe. So dock at many different ports, try a variety of spices, meet all kinds of people and find out for yourself what’s out there and what’s in it for you!

Mainstream ASMR triggers –

Scratching and Tapping: Fingernails tapping and scratching on various different objects, usually small, hollow objects or even the microphone itself. Often incorporated into the majority of ASMR videos in some way or another, but there are many dedicated videos for this common trigger. Personally I don’t feel much from this kind of video, it does work for me in real life though and even a few videos with tapping in can help to lull and relax me. A great example of a good tapping video is ‘ASMR Darling’s’ video here:

Whispering: This one is pretty huge across the board. It can be incorporated into almost any kind of video or stand alone as a dedicated whispering video. These videos generally involve somebody whispering to you about something or another. What they are saying isn’t important, they could just be ranting to you about their day, their opinions, reading a poem or a story. However, I have found that although what they are whispering may be irrelevant, the conviction the whisperer has behind what it is they are saying can massively increase ASMR for me. If the whisperer makes you believe that they believe what they are saying, it seems to create a connection of authenticity, however fragile or illusory. Just one example of a brilliant whisper focused video would be ‘theASMRnerd’s’ Abzu:

Personal Attention: This is another great one. Although this kind of video, as with any ASMR, cannot compete with true, two-way real life attention, the best examples can still carry the essence of that interaction and give a lot of ASMR. One of my favourites is ‘Gentle Whispering ASMR’s soft spoken personal attention:

Self Help and Meditation: Calming your mind, slowing down your thoughts and taking time out for yourself just to touch base is one of the most powerful and accessible tools for anybody in helping towards the relief of tension, worry, anxiety, insomnia, depression, hyperactivity and all kinds of other physical and mental suffering. Fusing an ASMR approach with meditation can be a potent cocktail which helps you get into that place much more quickly and much more deeply. Australian mother of four, Lauren Ostrowski Fenton is one of the leading content creators in this field of ASMR. She has created hundreds of high quality softly spoken or whispered guided meditation, visualisation, talk down and positive affirmation videos. She has helped pioneer the use of ASMR for wellbeing. Here are two of her latest videos:

Concentration on a task: Tutorial videos can often unintentionally trigger ASMR, but the best ones are usually the tutorial or instruction videos created with ASMR in mind, like this one from ‘Ephemeral Rift’ on how to play chess:

Roleplay: This flavour of ASMR in by far my favourite of all. Video or audio roleplays can and do incorporate a lot of various known ASMR triggers, but they do so through an imagined character in an often imaginary world. The variety in the nature of these kinds of videos is staggering. From having a one to one with Satan, to booking a flight to another galaxy, hundreds of years in the future, to being pulled up at the mall from someone trying to sell you a nail buffer; imagination is the only limitation on roleplay. These videos are great for triggering ASMR as well as giving you a sense of escape, detachment of going and being somewhere else, with someone else, for a while. There are literally thousands of top tier roleplay videos, but here are a few of the all-time very best:

All of these videos are good examples of some common ASMR triggers. However, the variations of what actually triggers ASMR in you and how this does or could help in your daily life, are infinite. Check out the links and use them as a launch pad from which to start your own adventure into the world of ASMR or perhaps lead you out onto a new branch you hadn’t previously explored. The possibilities are endless and there is nothing to pay, no contract, no obligation, no catch. You have nothing to lose.

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