How to be Successful at an Interview — An Employers Perspective

When you are being interviewed, the interviewer is most likely testing their own ability to lead you…

Come Prepared
Dont walk into an interview believing your resume alone would place you as a preferred candidate. Although the schools you went to or the experiences you have gained so far do matter, what matters more is whether you have come prepared. Have you researched about the position? Have you researched about the company history? Have you considered reading about the professional journey of your interviewer before walking in? A little human touch could increase your chances significantly over other candidates.

Speak Less Listen More
When you walk into an interview, its important that you match the need of the hour. There is a certain void that your hiring manager is trying to fill by hiring the right person. Understand what this void is by asking smart questions, be alert when the interviewer talks and emphasize on your strong points that could help fill the void.

Be Passionate About What You Do
Convey your passion about the job role during your interview. Tell your interviewer why you chose the line of trade you are in. Let the interviewer know how you can add value to the team and to the position. Bring out examples from your past experiences identifying problems and how you found a solution.

Carry a Smile
Walk into an interview carrying a smile. This simple human emotion is a rare find in an interview. Most of the interviewees are so stressed out about their interviews that they forget to smile. Always remember that the interviewer “wants to hire you” if you fit the role. The interviewer most likely needs help in their team sooner than you need a job. Its a two-way need!

Send a Follow-up Thank You Note
Its almost laughable how this is the most commonly mentioned point in most interview prep articles but still not many candidates do it.