Glossary Week 1

Mass Communication:

The circulation of information, but on a much larger scale than communication alone. This information may be transmitted through any communication medium, and can reach a large audience. This decentralized process includes mass news, information and entertainment; and, due to the prominence of the internet in modern society, provides large accessibility and interactivity among users. Historically, the term mass communication was used to describe one-way information transmission to a large synonymous group. Now, mass communication also describes communication between large amounts of individuals.

Historical Example:

The following billboard demonstrates mass communication as an advert, because the information (Snapchat ad) is transmitted through a medium (billboard) and can reach a large audience- of cars driving by.

Snapchat billboard advert.

Modern Example:

When a trending news story is published on the Facebook page of a news site, and users are able to comment, like, share, or react to the news; thus interacting with it.

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