INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Habitat III should be a movement to transform consciousness, more than speeches or political statements or group.

Cities function globally interconnected, metropolitan and regionally, functioning as living organisms, with a planetary vision.

We must ponder: ¿Our cities are sick?, If so, ¿what kind of disease have?, ¿Maybe cancer?, ¿Is curable?

Thus, a new urbanism starts from a focus of survival of the “urban” species. That is why is very important the role of Urban Law, since it works as a medical prescription. The current legal prescriptions ¿Truly will cure the multiple diseases of our cities?

We must accept that the “Urban” already has been surpassed by other realities or layers (climate change, risks and vulnerability, the environmental, agrarian and economic development) and that is reflected in the legislation of the countries.

The Urban Law serves to generate interdisciplinary remedies to urban diseases, considering multiple layers, generating a multiple action agenda to survive.

The proposal that we make in HABITAT III, is that It becomes an international treaty or derive legal obligations for all the states that are part

To generate conscience we must achieve that the Urban Rights juristify from the international framework replicating in the legislation of Nations.

The base for the generation of planetary consciousness is the recognition of urban rights and the creation of “Cities of Urban Rights” interconnected.

The vision that we propose involves a complete change of location for the inhabitants of cities and population centers: First are the Urban Rights and then the legality or authority. Urban rights not granted, recognized, and must be guaranteed by States. Otherwise, the state has no reason to exist.

The approach goes beyond of the mandatory international recognition of the Urban Rights as base of a new surgical planning with social meaning (legal remedies).

We believe that should be established the mechanisms of IMPLEMENTATION AND WARRANTY. Beyond the Declaration: the linking of rights and duties by all authorities.

With this change of lens through the urban rights, vulnerable groups cease to be, and legally creates the new bases of integrated planning, democratic and mandatory.

With a vision of integrality, redefining the urban, beyond planning or urbanization itself. Considering the Environment Agendas climate change risks, rurality, property forest, culturalism, economy, environment, among others.

In essence, it is world Urban Re-Evolution Peaceful, citizen, and through the law.

September 16th, 2014, New York City. USA.

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