I really appreciate the thought that flows through your words here!
Elli Scharlin

Hi Elli, thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m familiar with The Design of Everyday Things, but I haven’t read it—I’ll add it to my reading list.

As for your questions, my note about a product “being poised to scale when ready” is in response to how many developers approach the “MVP” strategy. Many big companies will invest in a mobile app, and too often will make short-sighted technology compromises that ultimately prevent them from adapting the app to the needs of a larger audience.

Because of this, they’re perpetually playing catch-up as they work to update their experiences to meet the needs of their ever-increasing user base—while the user experience often suffers in the meantime. By planning for scale from day one, and making a few smart technology decisions up front, companies can better prepare themselves for the successes their apps might have.

As for deciding when to submit something to the App Store, it really does come down to that balance between “minimalism” and “viability.” Our process at Punchkick usually starts with prioritizing a feature backlog based on business goals, technical feasibility within the timeline, and—most importantly—user feedback. Organizing the backlog of features according to these priorities typically yields a clear narrative of when each feature should launch, helping define a release strategy beyond version 1.0.

I hope I’ve answered your questions. Again, thanks for reading!