Freelancer years in review—with rates

In the interests of transparency and freelancer solidarity, for my 2018 year in review I included what I got paid for each piece. Had I spent more time thinking about this before diving in, I would have included word counts and per word rates, but luckily a bunch more freelancers—many from Study Hall—took this up, and many of them have included more information.

Here’s the ones who have shared their rates so far. Overwhelmingly women*, interestingly enough. Please send me any I might have missed and I’ll add them in here! Beats are helpful too as the list grows!

Rahel Aima — art criticism, Middle Eastern politics, weird tech & visual culture

Daisy Alioto

Angella D’Avignon—Art & culture

Bradley Babendir—Books

Dylan Baddour—Venezuela, migration

Nina Bahadour

Joel Balsam

Melissa Batchelor Warnke—gender, politics, culture

Zoë Beery—Reproductive justice and historical culture

Bea Bischoff

Erin Blakemore

Max Blau—Health, criminal justice, politics, poverty

Rebecca M. Bodenheimer—Pop culture, music, higher ed, media representation, identity

Theodore Brown—Music

Katelyn Burns—Federal policy

Anna-Catherine Brigida

Gray Chapman

Andrea Long Chu

Christopher Clark

Erin Corbett

Danielle Corcione—Cannabis and politics

Heather Corcoran

Bizzy Coy

Britni de la Cretaz

Tatum Dooley—Art and culture

Alice Driver—Borders and migration

Adam Erace

Kristen Evans—Books and culture

Max Falkowitz

Eva Hagberg Fisher

Chantal Flores

Kimberly Nicole Foster

Charlie Friedman

Michael Friedrich—Books

Jeremy Glass—Food

Yael Grauer

Eileen Guo

Anne Hoffman—Medical marijuana, health, resilience

Miles Howard—Pop culture, travel, Millennial politics

Tanner Howard—Books, housing, queer music, Chicago history

Kristin Hugo

Elizabeth King—Politics and activism

Julie Kliegman

Rosamund Lannin

Christina Lee—Atlanta, hip-hop music and culture

Tessa Love

Katie MacBride

Allee Manning

Niko Maragos

Alana Massey—Pain and pop

Kristin Martin— Books

Alexandra Marver

Andrew Marzoni—Books, music

Ilana Masad—Books

Will Meyer

Enav Moskowitz

Lia St. Nick

Emily Nonko

Rae Nudson—Beauty, culture, fashion, TV, mental health, history

Andrew Paul—Horror

Rick Paulas

Melissa Powers

Adriana Quinlan

Tricia Romano

Stephanie Russell-Kraft

Lucy Sherriff

Dana Smith—Health and science

Adina Solomon—City design, death, business

Tiffany Stevens

Chelsea G. Summers

Naomi Tomky—Food and travel

Julissa Treviño

Josh Tucker

Kathi Valeii—Politics, health, social justice, parenting

Sonam Vashi

Alex Verman—Gender, nationalism, narrative

Jessica Wakeman

Madeleine Wattenbarger—Mexico, human rights, cities, migration, politics

Harron Wawker

Sophia Weiner

Maya Weeks

Wudan Yan—Ecology, politics

*Of course, I don’t know all these people’s gender identities