Netflix (01/07/17)

the friend who is always there

begging for attention

one more hour together

and another

and another

always with me

while I’m cooking

and eating lunch

baking bread

in the bath

sat on my bed all day

I struggle to leave

my world of magic,

fairy tales

vampires, werewolves

and ghouls

these are the new

friends I’ve made

I spend my days

hoping the beautiful vampire

can stop drinking blood,

hoping the leather-clad pirate

stops thirsting for revenge

falling in love

with dark and brooding

men in leather,

watching their adventures

until the early hours

when I think about them

until I sleep

it’s preferable to reality:

work I can’t face

loneliness and silence

which surrounds me until

I feel my brain will explode

instead I hop into

The Enchanted Forest




other lands, where magic

and the supernatural

are very real.

I escape from life,

find solace in fiction

a passive activity

no need to think

just be

with my new friends

new lovers

in new worlds

just be