Papayas (28/6/17)

when we first met

you were but a scent

brought by Body Shop parties

mum and sister present

next time was different

both people and continent

but in the land

of thousand hills

most preferred the mangoes.

of all the exotic fruits

you’re a rare sight

in British supermarkets

and green grocers alike

still, occasionally you turn up

two for two fifty, turns out

food miles are expensive

(so is unnecessary packaging)

avocados at eighty p each

yet as a young person

I’m told they’re the reason

I’ll never buy a house

this week I did not resist:

why should I stick to apples

for my vitamin C

when I could get a fruit

softer and sweeter,


what I love about you

is not just your taste

your smell your texture

because when I take a bite,

for a moment I’m back

wearing loose-fitting clothes

I still have somewhere

looking at banana trees

mango trees

(I don’t know if I’ve seen your trees

no-one pointed them out)

I am given the name Calm

and once more calm

is what I am

the power of the papaya

for me is like nothing else

I take a bite

close my eyes


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