webpack & HTTP/2
Tobias Koppers

nice work!

I has a question about AggressiveSplittingPlugin , which I had google many days but got nothing.

An application using this technique no longer emits a single file which can be included in the HTML file. It emits multiple chunks which all need to be loaded.

I think I understand the methodology. I succeed in adding AggressiveSplittingPlugin into my webpack config and split a big chunk to small ones.

Here comes the question: after webpack compilation, how to insert the splitted chunks correctly into HTML file?

For Example:

I use CommonChunkPlugin to get ventors.js , then insert into HTML file:

<script src="./ventors.js"></script>

it works.

After use AggressiveSplittingPlugin , ventors.js is splitted to a.js , b.js , c.js , and so on. I don’t know which chunks in dist fold is splitted from ventors.js , so I can’t insert correct chunks into HTML file.

Should I use html-webpack-plugin to generate HTML file or use other plugins to make it work?

Is there some kind of manifest tell the origin chunk and it’s relative splitted chunks. webpack-manifest-plugin seems don‘t map origin chunk to splitted chunks.

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