Boot-camp Experience (Day3)

It is now the third day and things here are seriously on fire. Having spent more time on code labs and trying to figure out why tests or submissions ain’t going through.

Most of my early morning I spent checking out on API’s and how to consume them within a command line application. Tried quite a number and it did not work. Some I found to be more complex and with little documentation. Now I understand why they say if you want to do something do it right. Some of my friends have been debating on API’s and how they should be implemented. Most likely you will end up having very little resources that will make sense to you to kick off. This is the time you need like more RAM for your machine. Reason being you just found yourself having opened so many tabs that you cannot even read the title. Still went further and opened several browser windows.

At least I figured out something simple after asking my current bootcampers and also my friends who are fellows. Damn, it has been so many hours of research and reading to a point that I did not feel stepping away from my laptop for even a minute. I have really devoted myself to and learnt a lot for the past days to a point that the everything else seemed to be “pause.”

I am yet to be a pro though I assure you, that I will be there soon. At least now I can write tests and know how to work around with console and API endpoints using python. I feel the urge for doing more in coding and be a guru. I still got the energy to do this again and again, for my brain is like a muscle. It gets stronger when I learn.