Dribbble and The Creation of The Useless Designer
Michael Abehsera

I don’t get all the negativity towards dribble lately. Yes, designers are problem solvers. That’s part of their job. But, they are also artists and creatives. It’s like getting mad at DaVinci for painting instead of building and engineering all the time. Sometimes, I want to stop worrying about function and make some eye candy. For me it’s usually Concert Flyers, but why not a conceptual UI? Maybe something I wish were possible even though I know it isn’t yet. I feel like we are trying to take all the creativity out of the creative space. When did designers turn into people with such strictly analytical minds? What happened to being creative and breaking the rules? Especially if it’s a personal project for dribble? I think it’s awesome that people are flexing their creativity. Designing a product day to day can get monotonous. It’s nice to break things up with personal projects and get really out there sometimes. Sure the concept might never work functionally, or it’s not feasible to build now, but at least that person is exercising their creative juices and getting a creative release. Science often draws from science fiction for the next big thing. I have a feeling the web is similar. Designs that weren’t possible 15 years ago are now possible. What if 15 years ago we said, hey you can’t make that for real! stop waisting your time! Don’t get me wrong, designers should still be flexing their problem solving muscles. But it seems like that’s all people care about these days. Such an engineering/analytical mind. It doesn’t solve a problem! It just looks good! It’s garbage! Get over yourselves… its like music elitists complaining that their jazz fusion band is better than Justin Bieber. Yeah, we get it, everyone knows that already.