How you can live with your mates and buy your first home

If you’re like me, you’ll have fond memories of your first time moving out of home to live with friends. The friendships forged and the memories created are something I’ll treasure forever. Or maybe you’re still living at home, but you love heading away on holidays and spending time with your mates. A number of Australians are now staying in their family home for longer as they struggle to save up to buy their first home. Whilst getting on the property ladder is important, people are missing out on the great memories they could be making by living with friends.

What if there was a way you didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other?

As house prices continue to climb, more and more people are looking to get into the property market by buying their first house together with friends. Using combined buying power and pooling resources is a great way for young buyers to compete with cashed up investors. We all like to see our friends succeed in life, and by joining forces to buy a house together it helps people move onto the property ladder quicker. All this with the added bonus of getting to live with your friends and create new memories and stronger friendships.

This all sounds good in practice, but where do you start?

At coHome, we’ve built a platform that helps guide you through the process of buying a home with others. Once your group is registered we can help out with finding the right mortgage and provide essential legal agreements to ensure all members of the group are fairly covered. Whilst we plan to charge for this service in the future, for our early customers we are offering it all for FREE. So if you and your friends are wanting to take your first step onto the property ladder, check out to see how we can help.

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